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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

which value must you configure on a device beforee EIGRP For IPV6 Can start Running ?

A. Process ID

B. Router ID

C. Public IP Address

D. Loopback interface

Answer: B

New Questions 3

which option is the correct CIDR notation for subnet

A. /29

B. /30

C. /31

D. /32

Answer: B

New Questions 4

which two options are the best reasons to use an ipv4 private ip space ?

A. to manage routing overhead

B. to implement nat

C. to connect applications

D. to enable intra-enterprise communication

E. to conserve global address space

Answer: D,E

New Questions 5

Under normal operations, cisco recommends that you configure switch ports on which vlan ?

A. on the default vlan

B. on the management vlan

C. on the native vlan

D. on any vlan except the default vlan

Answer: D



http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/switches/catalyst-6500-series-switches/24330- 185.html

New Questions 6

which command can you enter to create a NAT Pool of 6 addresses ?

A. Router(config)#ip nat pool test prefix-length 24

B. Router(config)#ip nat pool test prefix-length 8

C. Router(config)#ip nat pool test prefix-length 16

D. Router(config)#ip nat pool test prefix-length 8

Answer: B

New Questions 7

which six-byte field in a basic ethernet frame must be an individual address ?





Answer: C

New Questions 8

Which header field is new in IPv6?

A. Hop Limit

B. Flow Label

C. Version

D. Traffic Class

Answer: A

New Questions 9

which statement about recovering a password on a cisco router is true ?

A. it requires physical access to the router

B. the default reset password is cisco

C. a factory reset is required if you forget the password

D. it requires a secure SSL/VPN connection

Answer: A

New Questions 10

Which statement about EIGRP on IPv6 device is true?

A. It is configured directly on the interface

B. the configuration uses secondary ip address

C. the neighbors of each deice are directly configured

D. the configuration uses process numbers

Answer: A

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/enhanced-interior-gateway-routing-protocol-eigrp/113267-eigrp-ipv6-00.html

New Questions 11

Which statement about upgrading a cisco ios device with TFTP is True ?

A. The Cisco IOS device must be on the same lan as the TFTP server

B. The operation is performed in passive mode

C. The operation is performed in an unencrypted format

D. The operation is performed in active mode

Answer: A

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