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2016 Sep 200-125 practice exam

Q71. - (Topic 9) 

What are three broadband wireless technologies? (Choose three.) 

A. WiMax 

B. satellite Internet 

C. municipal Wi-Fi 

D. site-to-site VPN 



Answer: A,B,C 

Q72. - (Topic 2) 

A switch is configured with all ports assigned to VLAN 2 with full duplex FastEthernet to segment existing departmental traffic. What is the effect of adding switch ports to a new VLAN on the switch? 

A. More collision domains will be created. 

B. IP address utilization will be more efficient. 

C. More bandwidth will be required than was needed previously. 

D. An additional broadcast domain will be created. 

Answer: D 

Q73. - (Topic 6) 

Which two commands correctly verify whether port security has been configured on port FastEthernet 0/12 on a switch? (Choose two.) 

A. SW1#show port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12 

B. SW1#show switchport port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12 

C. SW1#show running-config 

D. SW1#show port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12 

E. SW1#show switchport port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12 

Answer: C,D 

Q74. - (Topic 3) 

How is an EUI-64 format interface ID created from a 48-bit MAC address? 

A. by appending 0xFF to the MAC address 

B. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFFEE 

C. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xFF and appending 0xFF to it 

D. by inserting 0xFFFE between the upper three bytes and the lower three bytes of the MAC address 

E. by prefixing the MAC address with 0xF and inserting 0xF after each of its first three bytes 

Answer: D 

Q75. - (Topic 9) 

Which three statements about link-state routing are true? (Choose three.) 

A. Routes are updated when a change in topology occurs. 

B. Updates are sent to a multicast address by default. 

C. OSPF is a link-state protocol. 

D. Updates are sent to a broadcast address. 

E. RIP is a link-state protocol. 

F. It uses split horizon. 

Answer: A,B,C 

200-125 training

Latest 200-125 exam prep:

Q76. - (Topic 7) 


Refer to the topology. Your company has connected the routers R1. R2. and R3 with serial links. R2 and R3 are connected to the switches SW1 and SW2, respectively. SW1 and 

SW2 are also connected to the routers R4 and R5. 

The EIGRP routing protocol is configured. 

You are required to troubleshoot and resolve the EIGRP issues between the various routers. 

Use the appropriate show commands to troubleshoot the issues. 

Router R6 does not form an EIGRP neighbor relationship correctly with router R1. What is the cause for this misconfiguration? 

A. The K values mismatch. 

B. The AS does not match. 

C. The network command is missing. 

D. The passive-interface command is enabled. 

Answer: C 

Q77. - (Topic 8) 

What are two characteristics of Frame Relay point-to-point subinterfaces? (Choose two.) 

A. They create split-horizon issues. 

B. They require a unique subnet within a routing domain. 

C. They emulate leased lines. 

D. They are ideal for full-mesh topologies. 

E. They require the use of NBMA options when using OSPF. 

Answer: B,C 

Q78. - (Topic 4) 

Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command? (Choose two.) 



C. flash memory 

D. HTTP server 

E. TFTP server 

F. Telnet server 

Answer: C,E 

Q79. - (Topic 3) 

The network administrator is asked to configure 113 point-to-point links. Which IP addressing scheme defines the address range and subnet mask that meet the requirement and waste the fewest subnet and host addresses? 

A. subnetted with mask 

B. subnetted with mask 

C. subnetted with mask 

D. subnetted with mask 

E. subnetted with mask 

Answer: D 

Q80. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

What is the meaning of the output MTU 1500 bytes? 

A. The maximum number of bytes that can traverse this interface per second is 1500. 

B. The minimum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes. 

C. The maximum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes. 

D. The minimum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes. 

E. The maximum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes. 

F. The maximum frame size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes. 

Answer: E 

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